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Black Gas Stove Burner Cover Guards (4-Pack)

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Never Scrub Again

Scrubbing burnt-on grease and oil, spills and splatters is the most annoying hassle ever. But you do it after cooking everyday. With the new Black Gas Stove Burner Cover Guards. You’ll never have to scrub ever again. These Cover Guards are dishwasher safe and hassle-free. Simple take them off, throw them in the dishwasher and you’ll have them clean and ready for the next meal. Oh, and, did we mention no scrubbing?

Product Information:

  1. The Black Gas Stove Burner Cover Guards:
  2. Teflon coated products like self-cleaning ovens, pans, pots and your stove top protector, under extreme heat, can generate fumes that when inhaled may cause some people to temporarily feel ill. Birds are very sensitive to fumes so do not allow them near this as it can be fatal.
  3. Perfect for most types of gas ranges.
  4. Reusable on both sides.
  5. No warping, wrinkling or folding!
  6. Heat retardant material but not 100% fireproof.
  7. Food slides right off.
  8. Camouflage spills and stains.
  9. Keep stove clean.
  10. 0.01 inch PTFE teflon coated. Thicker and longer-lasting than other stove covers
  11. 10.6” x 10.6”
  12. Easily wipe off dripping sauces, burnt food and greasy oil.
  13. 100% Certified BPA & PFOA Free. Unlike other brands, keep harmful chemicals away from your family and kids.
  14. Resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  15. Easy to wipe off dripping sauces, brunt food, greasy oils and protect your gas stovetop burner
  16. WARNING: The Stove Cover Guards are not 100% fireproof, so don’t let them come into direct contact with flames. They will not smell/burn/curl even under extreme heat but that does not mean that they are not fireproof. Please keep fire at like 1 inch away from the covers.
  17. Adjustable: The material is easy to cut, so you can adjust the size to whatever width your stove top burner is.
  18. Comes with 4 Stove Cover Guards.
  19. Reusable and easy to clean. Simply wipe off oil and other food substances with hot water and soap.
  20. Pre cut inner circle.
  21. Perfect for absorbing splatters and spills on stove tops.
  22. Keep your stove and kitchen clean and neat.
  23. Dishwasher safe.
  24. Reduce stove cleaning time.
  25. Non-stick
  26. Non-toxic, no chemical smell
  27. Cleaning burnt on grease and fat sucks
  28. No more scrubbing 
  29. High abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction and corrosion resistance.
  30. Use a narrow margin (1 inch recommended) when covering the burners.

How to Use

  1. Measure the burner size precisely and mark with a pen
  2. Cut out a hole with 1 inch margins
  3. Lay the cover flat on the stove top
  4. After cooking, put in the dishwasher to clean or rinse lightly with soap and hot water.

Why Us?

For years we have been searching for a non-toxic and eco-friendly way to cover stoves. These Teflon-coated 0.01 inch thick Black Gas Stove Burner Cover Guards were the answer. Millions of family deal with this greasy, unmanageable messes everyday, and here is our answer. Don’t waste any more time cleaning that you don’t need to. Simply use Gas Stove Covers to save hours of scrubbing time! These Stove Cover Guards are designed to custom-fit your stove so that you can spend more time living, and less time cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. I thought Teflon was banned because of the gases emitted when they got hot. How can these be coated with Teflon.
    1. Teflon is not banned and has been categorized as safe by the EPA. It makes up several very common household products and is used in many 3M items.
  2. Is this compatible with electric coil type stove tops?
    1. Yes, as long as the diameter of the Stove Covers are large enough and does not make contact with the coils, they will serve the purpose of preventing burnt on grease and the spills can easily be washed off.
  3. Are these safe with stainless steel stove tops?
    1. Yes, the Gas Burner Cover Guards are safe for all stove tops.
  4. How is this FDA approved? The FDA only approves food products.
    1. This simply means that the Gas Stove Covers meet FDA guidelines and are in compliance with the FD&C act. The FDA does have requirements pertaining to products that come in contact with food and cooking surfaces and these Stove Covers fall under that categorization.
  5. What size are these covers?
    1. These Gas Stove Burner Guards are 10.5” x 10.5” x 0.01” square. However, you can cut them however you like to fit your stove.
  6. Are these safe for gas glass cooktops?
    1. Yes these Stove Covers are safe for gas glass cooktops. But please trim the center so that the flaps are approximately 1 inch away from the gas flames.
  7. I have a glasstop electric stove, can I use these to cover the burners even when they are off but still hot after use?
    1. Yes but please keep in mind that subjecting any materials to extreme heat is never advised. Under extreme heat, these Gas Stove Covers can give off a fume that causes temporary illness.
  8. What material issued?
    1. These Gas Stove Covers are made from a combination of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) from Teflon and fiberglass. This combination gives the Stove Covers non-stick properties.
  9. Are these flame resistant?
    1. They are not 100% flame resistant, so we advise against subjecting them to fire.
  10. Are these easy to clean?
    1. Yes they are non-stick and dishwasher safe.

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