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Easy Grip Twist Jar and Bottle Opener

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You'll Never Need Someone Else To Help You Open A Jar Again!


This innovative, Jar & Bottle Opener For Elderly & Kids is the perfect kitchen utensil for seniors or anyone who suffers with arthritic hands. Featuring four integrated sizes, this easy to use, Jar Bottle Opener can be used to open anything, from those hard to grip soda caps, to the large, cumbersome lids of a pickle jar and bottle lids of sauces.


Designed to be durable, easy to use and easy to clean, it also makes an ideal gift for friends or family members! You can rest assured, they'll appreciate your thoughtfulness and think of you every time they easily loosen the lid to a once 'impossible to open' jar!


How to use? Decide which gauge is the correct size circle grip for your jar lid size. Place the circle grip around the lid and squeeze, then turn and twist to break the factory seal and pop the lid off. It's that easy!


What you’ll get:

  • Reduces arthritis pain: Our rubber jar & bottle opener for elderly was created to be the perfect can opener. The ergonomic design helps reduce strain and stress on painful joints so you can open bottles and jars, with caps and lids, quickly and easily.

  • Open difficult jars with ease: Four sizes of circular openings provide a secure grip for your mason jars, bottles and circular cans.

  • Made for hands with a weak grip: Our jar lid opener is created with a functional design, particularly for arthritic hands or seniors who have trouble opening bottles or jars. That's why they feature an ergonomic, easy-to-use design, made for hands that don't have a strong grip.

  • Versatile and lightweight: Lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm your hand, lt’s the perfect kitchen utensil, but it can also come in quite handy while camping, or traveling in an RV.

  • Slips easily in the cutlery drawer: This rubber jar opener takes up very little space and the silicone lining is easy to clean

  • Material: Rubber, Silicone
  • Four universal openings to open mason jars, bottles, containers
  • Saves time & requires little effort
  • Great for people with Arthritis & joint pains
  • Carry it in RV, van or your bags
  • Place, squeeze and turn

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